CHI Innovation Strategy.

Vision 2022-2025


High Level
Implementation Framework

Identify, endorse and promote innovation practice and behaviours
Identify and agree behaviours that support ‘innovation everywhere’, linked to our CHI Values
Partner with HR to align innovation behaviours to induction, competency development, performance review and leadership development
Ensure visibility of board and executive sponsorship and modelling of innovation behaviours
Promote and reward innovation practice through annual CHI staff achievement awards
Drive learning and upskilling in innovation
Develop an innovation curriculum for learning and upskilling
Build a learning repository of innovation tools and resources
Encourage and nurture further education in innovation practice
Hold annual innovation learning/showcase event
Communicate and promote the value of innovation activity in CHI
Develop annual Innovation communications plan and materials
Showcase impactful innovation in practice throughout CHI
Promote innovation events and opportunities relevant to CHI staff
Develop diverse networks and knowledge exchange
Create a network of innovation champions across CHI
Hold regular network events and upskilling opportunities
Encourage and support peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
Promote innovation practice among groups with diverse backgrounds, occupations and perspectives
Engage and involve Children and Families in innovation practice
Develop an innovation advisory panel of children and parents to advise CHI Innovation on the best ways to incorporate empathy as a core principle of innovation and to stimulate child and family interest and engagement with innovation projects
Establish standards, policies, procedures, training content and expectations around child and family engagement in innovation activity in CHI
Develop guidance and training for innovation project leaders in relation to how to engage and work with parents/children to optimise the value of their input to specific projects
Develop strong relationships on the campus, in the community and with our Foundation
Develop focused and productive relationships with innovation partners in our local environment including St James’s, Smart D8, GEC and others
Collaborate with community health providers and others to provide opportunity for holistic, child focused innovation activity
Develop partnerships with local community organisations, schools and others to ensure in-reach and outreach for innovation activity
Formalise pathways and opportunities whereby the Children’s Health Foundation can work with CHI to further support impactful innovation
Further develop and promote academic partnerships around innovation
Formalise relationships with the innovation and technology transfer offices of our Paediatric Academic Healthcare Sciences Centre (PAHSC) university partners
Promote greater engagement and collaboration between academic innovators and CHI staff and patients
Partake in, and promote in CHI, postgraduate training in innovation provided by our university partners
Promote and drive the effective integration of impactful research with innovation at CHI
Create and foster productive relationships with Industry partners
Develop, populate and maintain a database of key industry contacts and connections and promote engagement with CHI staff
Develop formal policies and pathways for industry partners and start-ups to seek collaboration and support in CHI
Explore opportunities for mutually beneficial commercial innovation activity with established industry partners
Develop and strengthen key national and international partnerships to drive innovation
Establish working relationships with national bodies involved in supporting healthcare innovation
Establish key contacts in and develop relationships with Government departments of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Department of Health and the HSE
Seek out relationships and partnering opportunities with leading international healthcare innovation centres and organisations
Ensure clear Governance arrangements are in place
Establish clear reporting and oversight structures within CHI aligned to the PAHSC
Develop a CHI policy on the management of Intellectual property
Ensure an integrated innovation structure across CHI sites with equitable access
Ensure that CHI strategic and operational objectives are reflected in the prioritisation of innovation projects
Secure external expert advice and guidance
Establish an independent External advisory board
Design and implement effective operational processes in CHI
Develop clear sign-posted pathways for staff access to innovation advice, mentoring, training and funding opportunities
Develop policies and guidelines to support these pathways
Identify and track performance indicators and outcome measures for innovation practice
Ensure Financial sustainability for CHI Innovation structures
Develop a financial planning/sustainability model linked to our operational and strategic objectives
Develop processes and mechanisms to source funding/ financial partnerships to support innovation activity and structures in CHI